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The eFOLDi Lite is the world’s lightest, most compact folding mobility scooter in 2023! 

*** Recently launched into the USA market - it was only distributed in the UK until July 2023!

*** It is also airline-approved for your travels by the FAA!

Its revolutionary design makes the eFOLDi Lite one of the lightest, most compact folding travel-scooters available – weighing just 33 lbs. It folds and unfolds in just a few seconds and is easy to store and transport. No complex assembly is required - just unfold and go.

  • Lightweight - Portable – Compact - Robust
  • Easy to use, folding travel scooter
  • Exceptionally lightweight at only 33 lbs. making it the lightest folding mobility scooter on the market in 2023
  • Folds with ease, fits into cars with ease & is approved by the FAA for air travel

Watch the eFOLDi Lite in action below:

Find out below why the eFOLDi Lite is the lightest folding mobility scooter in 2023:


The eFOLDi Lite is one of the worlds lightest, most compact mobility scooters - a revolutionary design using magnesium alloy.


Weighing 15kg (without battery) the eFOLDi Lite provides ultra low weight & portability with no compromise on quality.


The eFOLDi Lite will fit snugly into the boot of even the smallest car and can be made smaller still by removing its wheels which simply clip off using a patented design.


A low centre of gravity, pneumatic tyres and an immensely strong and rigid magnesium alloy frame gives strength and stability.


4 point floating seat suspension and pneumatic tyres give a smooth and comfortable ride.

4 miles per hour

Top speed

10AH Li-ion


10 miles


Discover our lightest, most compact
and easy-folding scooter

Easy to lift and stow

Easy to fold and unfold, easy to drive and fully airline compliant for travel

Weight - 15kg (without battery)

Patented design

Includes a 1 year warranty with UK network support

Fully compliant

Fully compliant with all major airline regulations. Capable of supporting up to 120Kg.

Near Silent Motor

Near silent integrated SuperPower high torque 180 watt motor with digital control and magnetic brakes - climbs 1:10 gradients with ease

Li-ion Battery

Only 5 hours charging


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