Raz Designs Compact Attendant Tilt Mobile Shower Commode Chair

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Raz Mobile Shower Commode Chairs — Designed and manufactured to the highest standards of the discerning healthcare professional.

The Raz-Cat has all of the features of our Raz-At but in a more compact size. For pediatrics, adolescents or smaller adults, the Raz-Cat provides a fit that is better suited to physically smaller clients.

  • The base and seat frames retain the 18” width of the Raz-At so that the chair can still be positioned over a toilet.
  • The base frame has been shorted by 3”, which makes the chair more maneuverable.
  • The seat frame depth has been reduced and a depth-adjustable back offers depths from 12” to 15” (to front of frame) or up to 17” with the front of the seat overhanging the seat frame.
  • The standard seat has an elongated aperture that works with seat depths from 12” to 15”.
  • Custom seats are available.
  • The depth-adjustable back provides growth capability, an essential component for pediatrics.
  • Back frames can be ordered in widths 14”, 16” and 18”.
  • Available back heights are 15” and 18”.

All accessories that fit the Raz-At can be ordered on the Raz-Cat.

Specifications Raz-Cat (Compact Attendant Tilt)
Weight Capacity 250 lbs
Frame Width (seat and Back frame) 18"
Back Frame Widths 14" (35 cm), 16" (40 cm), or 18" (46 cm)
Overall Width (with standard arm pad) 21.75", 23" with 18" wide Back frame
Seat Width (commode seat) 18"
Back Height (top of seat to top of upholstery) 15" or 18"
Reclining Backs (top of seat to top of upholstery) 15" or 18"
Seat Depth (front of back post to front of seat) 11" – 16"

Overall Length When Upright

Clearance Height Under Seat
  • 16.75", 17.75", 18.75", 19.75", 20.75" with pan brackets
  • 17.5", 18.5", 19.5", 20.5", 21.5" without pan brackets
Armrest Height Above Seat (20” Adjusta-Back)
  • 15" High Back: 5.5" – 8" in ½" increments
  • 18" High Back: 6.5" – 9" in ½" increments
Seat-To-Floor Height

21.5" – 25.5" in 1" increments
Product Weight 55 lbs

User Manual

  • Frame and Hardware Material Stainless Steel (Lifetime warranty against corrosion)
  • The two-year limited warranty covers the frame against manufacturing defects.
  • A one-year limited warranty covers all other components, subject to normal wear and tear exclusions.