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The Best Afikim Scooters Of 2022 | 3-Wheel & 4-Wheel Afiscooters

The Best Afikim Scooters Of 2022

Top Seller
AfiScooter S3 Recreational Mobility Scooter
Afikim: AfiScooter S3 Recreational Mobility Scooter
Top Seller
AfiScooter SE Motorcycle-Style Mobility Scooter
AfiScooter SE Motorcycle-Style Mobility Scooter
Top Seller
AfiScooter C4 Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter
AfiScooter C4 Heavy Duty Mobility Scooter

Introduction to Afikim Mobility Scooters

Afikim Scooters are wonderful because they give you freedom and independence. However, they aren’t all made the same. That’s just one reason why you must take the time to learn more about one of the best brands on the market.

Afikim Electric Vehicles is a global leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing Mobility Scooters for the elderly and mobility impaired. Afikim is known across the nation for its heavy-duty power scooters. For decades, the manufacturer has been a household brand name, building designs that are typically not found in other leading brands. Here are some of their best.

The S 3-Wheel Scooter is spacious and luxurious. It has the Red Dot Award winning design made to maximize the protection and safety of the driver. It’s one of the leading mobility scooters in its category because of its impressive ergonomics and excellent comfort of driving. It’s the perfect choice if you are looking for a scooter that can handle rough terrain with exceptional stability, and uncompromising comfort. If an extremely small turning radius with maximum maneuverability is what you need, you should think about getting the three-wheel version. This model, like the others, will deliver an outstanding user experience. The Afiscooter S 3-wheel was designed for the modern world.

The headrest and armrests are also adjustable to give the rider comfort to match his or her own body type. There’s an easy to use control panel that’s built with a bright LCD display, which indicates speed, battery status, lighting, and signaling. You can safely take this scooter out during the evening hours. With the long-lasting energy-efficient LED headlights, you will be able to see anything ahead of you. To add to your own personal comfort, you can purchase a canopy to prevent rain from getting you wet and avoid the sun.

Afikim is a very popular and well-known scooter company throughout Europe and Australia. While this may not matter to you, it is important to note that European standards are higher than American ones in regards to safety features. The Afiscooter S2 3-Wheel has a full LED lighting package that dims at a standstill to preserve energy, and the control panel display is truly impressive. It is fully lit and electronic and displays your speed and miles traveled. Another great safety feature is the panic sensor. If you over-squeeze the accelerator, the scooter will shut off. It would be best if you then turned it back on to reset it.

We like the Afiscooter S 3-Wheel because of its standard safety and performance features. This scooter has a 31-mile drive range, so it is great for long-range, all-day use. It also has a top speed of 9.3 MPH, so if you want a speedier scooter, this is the one. The Afikim Afiscooter S 3-Wheel Scooter is a sporty and feature-packed power scooter designed to provide a smooth and comfortable ride for individuals with mobility limitations. It’s a truly incredible scooter to ride. Explore more 3 Wheel Scooters here!


  • 1400W Engine Power
  • wide seat
  • comfortable suspension
  • Red-Dot-Design Award


  • BRAND: Afikim
  • POWER: 1400W
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 450 lbs
  • RANGE:28 Miles


  • Range and speed
  • Frame designed to take punishment off road
  • Free rear locker
  • captains seat for a relaxing ride
  • Bulky look
  • Large expense
  • Not suitable for indoors

The Afiscooter SE Scooter has a black and chrome retro design, and includes many features borrowed from the motorcycle industry. It’s a true eye-catcher that makes a real statement, but that’s just the beginning of its uniqueness. There’s also plenty of substance. Along with its stylish design, the strong steel chassis and power unit create an extremely rugged scooter with a 20-year track record of unbeatable reliability.

With a wide range of accessories, the Afiscooter SE can travel comfortably and safely in various types of terrains, including rough off-road terrain. It can also travel in various types of weather conditions, including extreme conditions, and can serve more functional and recreational purposes than most other scooters in its category.

This scooter's appearance is very different from other mobility scooters. The black and chrome details give it a sleek and sporty feel while minimizing the medical look. The scooter also doesn't have your standard control pane. Rather, the controls are located on the handlebar and are extremely easy to use. It has a fingertip speed control with forward and reverse buttons, and when you release the lever, the SE automatically comes to a comfortable stop and applies the parking brake. The independent handlebars are also height and angle adjustable. It’s available in a standard 18" seat width, or you can upgrade to a wider seat.

The 5" high ground clearance, all-terrain tires, and tight turning radius allow this scooter to go anywhere, although it might be a bit big for inside of a home. It is great for riding around your property, neighborhood, town, park, or anywhere you need assistance. We like that this one scooter can do all of that for you. The easy to operate controls are also a great feature, and the 28-mile drive range will keep you going all day long.

Big wheels make it easy to use and the seat is comfortable. It has a lower center of gravity so it’s an appealing choice for many customers. The Afikim SE Scooter is a stable and smooth riding electric scooter that lets you travel around in style and comfort.


  • simple controls
  • 3 wheel model available
  • high ground clearance
  • solid large rear basket
  • big pneumatic tires for outdoor capabilities


  • BRAND: Afikim
  • POWER: 1300 W
  • RANGE:28 Miles


  • high weight capacity
  • outdoor capable
  • simple electronic command system
  • Retro design
  • a bit expensive

The Afiscooter C 4-Wheel is a versatile scooter designed to maximize your comfort and convenience, whether you’re traveling indoors or outdoors. Don’t worry about driving it outside. A full suspension system ensures a smooth ride even over uneven terrain. It has a 4-wheel mode, which improves your stability and creates a smooth ride. The scooter features a fully adjustable orthopedic seat, which supports your body's natural curvature. It also swivels to make it easy to get into and out of this scooter.

The Afiscooter C has a standard LED lighting package that features smart brake lights, which turn off after five seconds of idling. This conserves battery energy. This scooter also has a top speed of 9.3 MPH and a driving range of 28 miles for all-day use. An extended range battery option is available for a driving range of up to 36 miles.

We like the Afiscooter C for its enhanced safety features and great standard elements. The Afiscooter C 4-Wheel is also a very popular scooter in Europe, and European standards require scooters to have full lighting packages. Many European scooters are driven through towns, therefore they have better suspension than American models.

The Afiscooter C 4-Wheel comes standard with a delta tiller for more accurate steering control. It’s fully adjustable so that you can position it so that it’s comfortable for you. The ergonomic seat provides you with just the right amount of support to ensure the most comfort. The 25-mile travel range means that you have full travel freedom with this scooter, making it ideal for anyone who’s on the go.

It’s a scooter that’s going to help you gain back your mobility and improve your quality of life. You have full control over operating it and where and how fast you go. It’s very easy to use and the powerful motor will take you to your final destination in no time. Check out more of our 4 Wheel Scooters here!


  • Dual rearview mirrors are standard
  • Rear LED lighting package for enhanced safety
  • Standard delta tiller for those with limited hand dexterity
  • Features turn signals


  • BRAND: Afikim
  • MAX SPEED: 6.2-9.3mph
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 400 lbs
  • RANGE:25-28 miles

The Afiscooter C has a unique design made to maximize the protection and safety of the driver. Its excellent multi-functionality and ease of operation is the perfect mobility scooter for those who wish to maintain an active, dynamic, and versatile lifestyle.

These elements create a scooter that is brilliant for both outdoor and indoor purposes. The three-wheel model has an extremely small turning radius and gives supreme maneuverability. This model proves to have an exceptionally comfortable ride, simple operation, and a premium look and feel.
The Afiscooter C 3-Wheel is a perfect scooter for around-town use and shopping because it is only 26" wide. It has a 4" ground clearance to perform well outdoors on both paved and uneven surfaces. The seat is well-padded and swivels 360º for easy transfers.

The Afiscooter C has an LED headlight and taillight for safety and full suspension and shock absorbers for all-day comfort. It also has a 25 mile drive range and a top speed of 9.3 MPH.
We like the Afiscooter C for its enhanced safety features and great standard elements. The Afiscooter C is a very popular scooter in Europe. European standards require scooters to have full lighting packages, and many of these European scooters are driven through towns; therefore they have better suspension than American models.

It’s a very powerful scooter and provides a smooth ride. It’s also very powerful and fast. It’s an excellent choice if you’re looking for a quality scooter to help increase your mobility.


  • Mid-size dimensions
  • A powerful motor
  • A luxurious captain seat
  • Well-tuned shock absorbers
  • An ergonomic modern steering tiller


  • BRAND: Afikim
  • POWER: 950W
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 400 lbs
  • RANGE:25-28 miles

This Afikim Scooter S 4-Wheel mobility scooter is one of the best high-end scooters you can find and buy. One of the premier scooters by Afikim, the Afiscooter S4 mobility scooter, was previously known as the Breeze S and has won the international Red Dot Design Award. It’s extremely comfortable and will get you to where you need to go in style.

The Afiscooter S4 will allow you to enjoy yourself all day long if you can’t travel on foot. This scooter has a long travel range of 28 miles on a full battery charge and will reach speeds of up to 9.3 miles per hour. It’ll allow you to travel over rough terrain, and with an incline rating of 11.3 degrees, you can ride this scooter where many other scooters can’t take you. The suspension and wheels provide a smooth ride for wherever you’re going.

The Afikim scooter can also come equipped with a front windshield and canopy to shield you from the rain.
The Afiscooter S 4-Wheel from Afikim is a versatile personal mobility vehicle. It can be used on smooth paths and uneven ones as well because of its stable four-wheel design and high ground clearance. It also has a full front and rear suspension, shock absorbers, and energy-absorbing bumpers. The great standard features of the Breeze S 4-Wheel will keep you comfortable all day long. It’s a very sturdy and high-quality scooter choice. It’s both attractive and highly adaptable. It’s a stunning and stylish ride and drives fairly fast too.


  • max. 12mph Topspeed
  • excellent for the golf course
  • very spacious
  • excellent comfort
  • Trusted brand


  • BRAND: Afikim
  • WEIGHT: 364 lbs
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 450 / 600 lbs
  • RANGE:28-31 Miles


  • spacious and luxurious
  • Red Dot Award Winner
  • excellent stability
  • many optional extras
  • great range
  • a bit expensive

Sometimes, a single seat mobility scooter is not enough for your needs. When you have multiple people in your family with mobility concerns, a dual mobility scooter is the ideal solution. The AfiScooter Dual Seat S4 Mobility Scooter is a dual mobility scooter that offers enhanced mobility and a variety of features ideal for multiple mobility challenged riders.

Standard dual mobility scooters have limited seating capacity and at max only offer a 31” seat width. The AfiScooter Dual Seat S4 Mobility Scooter offers more space with a full 33” width, so you can be even more comfortable on your ride. All-terrain golf tires, 12” on front and 16.8” on the rear, offer the ability and power to contend with any terrain and with a 15 degree climbing angle, nothing is off limits to you and the AfiScooter Dual Seat S4 Mobility Scooter.

Accessories such as an available canopy and rain cover enhance the ability of the AfiScooter Dual Seat S4 Mobility Scooter. Other additions to your scooter include a crutch holder, golf bag holder, and much more. The AfiScooter Dual Seat S4 Mobility Scooter is among the most versatile and heavy duty dual scooters on the market today.

High performance, a quality ride, and a truly rugged design is what the AfiScooter Dual Seat S4 Mobility Scooter is made for and when you trust your mobility needs to this incredibly designed scooter, you will enhance your independence and your freedom to travel anywhere you want to be.


  • Dual Seating Capacity
  • Canopy Attachment
  • Lighting Package
  • Rear Storage Basket
  • Adjustable Headrest


  • BRAND: Afikim
  • POWER: 24V DC, 1400W
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 450 lbs
  • RANGE: Up to 31 Miles


  • 11.5 mph Max Speed
  • 15 Degree Max Climbing Angle
  • 33” Seat Width
  • 8 Amp Charger
  • 354 lbs

Have you ever wished your mobility scooter could help you more with yard work or other necessities around the house? The AfiScooter M Cargo Mobility Scooter is made to solve that problem through an intelligently designed extended cargo space, so you can haul more while on your everyday outings.

The AfiScooter M Cargo Mobility Scooter is made with the rider’s comfort in mind at all times. A high end, orthopedic rated captain’s chair provides ample comfort on even the longest of journeys. The scooter also features dual rearview mirrors so you can always check on your load and have maximum visibility at all angles.

With the AfiScooter M Cargo Mobility Scooter, you can simply get more done without compromising anything. The AfiScooter M Cargo Mobility Scooter is the ideal solution for those wanting to do all their grocery shopping in one trip or clean up their outdoor space. With a full 661 lb. capacity, there is no limit to what you can do with this incredible machine.

The three wheel design of the AfiScooter M Cargo Mobility Scooter provides excellent maneuverability and with both a single and double seating capacity, you have even more mobility options. The AfiScooter M Cargo Mobility Scooter, offers a 10” tire on the front and 2 – 16” wide pneumatic tires on the back, so you can go anywhere and do anything without worrying about getting stuck.


  • High Capacity Cargo Space
  • All-Terrain Pneumatic Tires
  • Swivel Orthopedic Seat
  • LED Lighting
  • Adjustable Tiller


  • BRAND: AfiKim
  • POWER: 24 DV 1400W
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 661 lbs
  • RANGE: 33 Miles


  • 7.5 mph Max Speed
  • Front and rear Suspension System
  • 13 Degree Climbing Angle
  • Smooth Steering and Control
  • 463 lbs. Total Weight

The company, which was originally based in Israel, has been producing electric mobility scooters since 1978. After gaining widespread popularity in Israel for building highly durable and reliable designs, they started inaugurating facilities all over the world, including the US.

Afikim is among the few manufacturers that also build specially designed scooters for the elderly that come equipped with orthopedic seats and other everyday essentials such as sunshades.

Also known as Afiscooters, Afikim mobility scooters boast a vast range of high performance, heavy-duty 3-wheel scooters, and 4-wheel scooters that combine the most innovative technology with stylish and robust designs, as well as very simple-to-use controls.

Afikim meets the European EN-12184 and ISO 9001-2000 certification. It is Korean FDA approved and has US safety standards approved by the FDA.

Afikim Electric Vehicles is a global leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing mobility scooters for the elderly and mobility impaired. KIBBUTZ AFIKIM fully owns the company, one of the largest kibbutzim in Israel, and is located in the Jordan Valley in the north of the country.

Since 1978, the company has been a pioneer in the field of mobility scooters, with the introduction of the world’s first mobility scooter with full suspension, the world’s first folding scooter, and more innovative solutions. Based on the extensive experience of more than four decades and a strong in house Research and Development department, the company continues to drive meaningful improvements for users and new opportunities for partners.

Today, they offer mid-size multi-purpose scooters, max size all terrain, all weather scooters, recreational scooters, and a large range of accessories for drivers.

You deserve to have your freedom back and a mobility scooter will allow you to travel around as you please. You’ll be happy to know that our company and the Afikim brand understand this and that’s why we’re here to serve you and meet your needs with some of the top-rated scooters around.

Power Scooters are not just for the Elderly or Physically Impaired

Even though our entire mobility scooter lineup is appropriate for seniors or those with physical limitations, our range of all-terrain scooters are best suited to those who are looking for the fastest ride possible, those who do a lot of leisure traveling, and those who enjoy outdoor trekking on 4-wheels (or 3-wheels). Our recreational scooters boast the most power, performance and durability than the average power scooter, and might not be appropriate for all seniors.

Reasons for Being A Top Brand in the Market

There are a few reasons the elderly and mobility impaired turn to Afikim Scooters to get around.

  •         Market-Leading Experience: Since founded more than 40 years ago, Afikim focused solely on electric mobility scooters, acquired unique expertise in this field, and their in-house R&D team drives to bring continuous meaningful improvements to their scooters.
  •         Insist on Safety: They make sure that these Afiscooters consist of safety features, meet the toughest European and US safety standards, are FDA-approved, and comply with the EN-12184 requirements.
  •         Extra Attention to Riding Comfort: The brand makes an effort to create an outstanding user experience by giving extra attention to ergonomic design, easy-to-use controls, adjustable suspension, orthopedic seating, and generous legroom.
  •         Extra Investment in Design: The Afikim scooters stand out for their unique design made to create maximum protection and safety for the driver, together with classic styling and a premium high-end look.
  •         Confidence in the Products: With a proven track record of long-lasting reliability, they are confident to offer one of the most comprehensive warranty policies in the market.
  •         Level of Service: An in-house technical support team and outstanding availability of spare parts world-wide have made Afikim well known for responsive, professional service that can support models long retired from the market, in some cases up to 15 years old.

You can also choose to purchase a hard canopy that keeps you shaded from the wind, rain, and sun. It’s a must-have if the weather is unpredictable and you like to travel around frequently.

Afiscooter is the number one choice for safe, reliable, and comfortable mobility. Behind the premium design and construction of every Afiscooter lies market-leading experience and advanced engineering, backed by stringent quality assurance and responsive service and support.

Tips for Purchasing An Afikim Scooter

Choosing the right mobility scooter for you can be a tough decision. There are many options available, and each seems better than the next. After reviewing the best Afikim Scooters of 2022, you should now have a better idea of the benefits of shopping for this particular brand and all the features these scooters offer.

Mobility Afiscooters are excellent for getting you around in your home, checking the mail, going out on a trail, and attending social activities. Overall, they’re relatively inexpensive, especially given the amount of freedom that they provide.

So you may now be wondering how to go about purchasing a mobility scooter. First, figure out your list of must-have features. For example, maybe you prefer comfort over safety or that it’s able to drive outdoors on all types of terrain easily. All mobility scooters can go up hills, but not all can travel up a steep incline. Consider the speed at which you want it to travel, and if the design and style of the scooter matters to you or not.

When buying a mobility scooter, the battery is one of the most important parts of your purchase. The battery will be included in your equipment's final price and should last you several years with the right quality and care. It is important to understand the type of battery used in your specific electric medical scooter, and the level of effort needed to keep it properly charged. To avoid paying for a longer battery life than you need, estimate your daily mileage. You might realize that a smaller operating range would be a more time and cost-efficient solution for you.

There are a lot of elements to consider when buying a mobility scooter. Your choice will depend on your surroundings, budget, and preferences. Here are some useful tips to help you make the right decision. Whether you are looking for scooters that offer increased safety or style, comfort or performance, here is what to look out for:

  • Weight Capacity: Check how much weight the scooter will support.
  • Range: Look out for the distance it will travel on a full charge.
  • Ground Clearance: Find a scooter with low ground clearance for increased comfort and high ground clearance for off-roading.
  • Turning Radius: Check how tight the turning radius is. A tight turning radius means you can navigate tight spaces more easily.
  • Safety Features: Look out for scooters that offer LED lights, emergency brakes, rearview mirrors, and an over-acceleration sensor.
  • Comfort: Look for scooters with ergonomic design, front and rear suspension, and anti-tip wheels.
  • Performance: Look out for scooters with a high top-speed over 15mph, rear shock absorbers, and long driving range.
  • Style: Look out for scooters with alloy wheels and a gloss finish.

Why Afikim is Worth the Investment

No one knows mobility scooters like Afikim.

Tens of thousands of our mobility scooters are in daily use world-wide. With a long-lasting proven track record, the ‘Afiscooter’ brand has become synonymous with performance, quality, and reliability.

They take pride in knowing that Afikim Electric Vehicles have a positive impact on the independence, peace of mind, and overall quality of life of customers like you.

There are many scooter brands on the market. However, they’re not all made the same, and you may be disappointed with your purchase if you make a decision based on the lowest price only. It’s wise to educate yourself about all the benefits this particular brand has to offer and why it’s well worth your investment.

Long manufacturing history – Afikim Scooters have been working on power scooter designs for over 35 years and has dominated the market with their heavy-duty models.

Technical dominance – Producing some of the world’s best mobility scooters using quality materials, they are among the world’s leading scooter manufacturers, driven by technical and technological excellence.

Strong and persistent growth – Afikim Scooters has one of the most talented and knowledgeable teams of mobility experts, further complimented by forging an alliance with EV Rider in North America.

Quality assurance – Each product coming off the assembly line is rigorously tested for quality and reliability.

Best-in-class engineering – With access to the best manufacturing technology, Afiscooters are designed with laser-like precision and built to last a lifetime.

Designed with both safety and comfort in mind, Afiscooters deliver an outstanding user experience. Users enjoy an exceptionally comfortable ride, simple operation, easy handling, and a premium look and feel. Long-range mobility, independence in style, the perfect size, and comfort are additional reasons why you should consider purchasing 2022 Afikim Scooters .

Their vision is to improve the quality of life for people, by providing high-quality, high-performance electric mobility solutions that enhance functional capabilities and independence, while safeguarding the environment.

Their mission is to make electric mobility scooters that focus on meeting driver’s needs and thus to continue being the brand of choice for everyone who values performance, safety, reliability, and service.

The manufacturer has spent the last three-plus decades designing mobility vehicles, which put reliability, safety, and ease of use above everything else. The sturdy construction, adjustable suspension, and orthopedic seating options for additional comfort all come as a bonus. With advanced research and development as well as a myriad of features offered on each model, Afikim has successfully ensured that all their users enjoy the smoothest, most comfortable ride possible.

Afiscooters are designed and developed in some of the most advanced, state-of-the-art manufacturing plants in the world, providing many years of after-sales warranty and service to ensure that their customers stay happy in the long run. Simply put, they are built to last and offer some of the best performing electric 3-wheel and 4-wheel scooters on the market.

Benefits of Shopping with Scooters 'N Chairs

Scooters ‘N Chairs is the number-one superstore for all the mobility products you need to improve your life and regain your independence. We offer an unparalleled personal customer service where all your questions and concerns are answered and looked into, ensuring you get the very best product for your needs. From mobility scooters to electric wheelchairs, walkers to bathroom safety and many other disability and mobility aids, Scooters ‘N Chairs selects only the top US brands for your peace of mind and long term benefit. We are registered dealers for Drive Medical, Pride Mobility, Afikim, Roho, Permobil, all Compass Health brands, amongst many more.

We believe that every one of our customers should be treated with the right to live with dignity, compassion, and integrity. Our goal is for you to take back your life and regain your freedom and independence. We only deliver the top-rated products in the market. We know how exhausting it can be to search for the perfect product and feel confused when you’re done. We make the buying process simple and easy. We stock only the top-quality products on your site at all times.

Scooters 'N Chairs was founded to bring a new level of compassion and customer service to people seeking mobility solutions for themselves or their loved ones. Our online store is filled with the highest-rated mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs on the market. We help people get peace of mind and enjoy the best possible lifestyle by taking the time to carefully listen to customers and help them secure the best unit for their specific needs.

  • Authorized retailer for the leading Mobility Scooter and Electric Wheelchair brands.
  • Free shipping offered on all purchases over $99!
  • All of our products ship within 5-7 business days except with white-glove delivery.
  • Exclusive offers & discounts on many of our products - just message us!

Our customer service team members are educated and trained on all the details of our mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs and are ready to give you all the necessary information you need to ensure you are making the right purchase.

We offer a wide variety of inventory at prices you can afford. Our site makes it easy for you to shop around and compare options. We pride ourselves on offering excellent customer service and are happy to answer any questions you have. We understand our customer’s needs and our products well. Another benefit of shopping with us is that we carry the top-rated brands, such as Afikim. We promise you’ll be satisfied with your scooter purchase and that your quality of life will improve with these types of well-designed and high-quality scooters. tiller.

Getting in Touch

We strongly believe that your time shopping with us should be rewarding and gratifying and you should walk away feeling more than satisfied with your purchase. We are always here to hear your concerns and pride ourselves with “family-style” customer care that gives personal, friendly attention to customers. Should something not be to your satisfaction, we will be there to hear your concerns and do our utmost to reach a mutually acceptable solution.

We’re happy and available to help you secure your next mobility scooter. We encourage you to reach out and contact us if you have any questions or comments to share. Our team is fully equipped to supply the answers you need to make a more informed decision about which mobility scooter is right for you and your lifestyle.


Buying a mobility scooter is a significant investment of your time and money. It’s vital that you take your time and learn more about your options before spending your hard-earned money. You should now feel more equipped to make a decision about which Afikim scooter is right for you in 2022. With so many excellent options, we understand your dilemma of making sure you select the best Afikim scooter for your needs. Remember, it’s a personal choice and preference at the end of the day, and you want to be comfortable and satisfied with your new scooter.

When purchasing the Afikim brand, you can buy with confidence. Afikim is a brand that’s synonymous with reliability, improving lives everywhere, and restoring folks' livelihood across the nation and around the world. They have produced world-class power scooters for 35 plus years, building designs that cater to every user’s needs.

Remember that the perfect scooter also needs the right accessories, so be sure to shop around for these items too. You’ll want to have all you need when it’s time to take your new scooter out for a test drive. You never know when you’ll be driving somewhere and the weather will turn so make sure you have a canopy to protect you.

Why buy your Afikim Scooter at Scooters 'N Chairs?

Here at Scooter 'N Chairs, we aren't a mindless, soulless company, we care about each customer and each purchase.

We are here to assist you with the most personalized, patient and friendly team on the market, who find no question too trivial and will personally research any questions or queries you might have, until you are totally comfortable you have found the perfect Afikim Scooter to purchase. For any questions about our top-of-the-line elevating seat electric wheelchairs, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly customer service team. We are available by phone, livechat, email - these details can be found on our contact us page linked above.

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