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View The Best All-Terrain Mobility Scooters To Buy In 2022!

View The Best All-Terrain Mobility Scooters To Buy In 2022!

Top Seller
AfiScooter S3 Recreational Mobility Scooter
Afikim: AfiScooter S3 Recreational Mobility Scooter
Top Seller
AfiScooter SE Motorcycle-Style Mobility Scooter
AfiScooter SE Motorcycle-Style All Terrain Mobility Scooter
Top Seller
Merits Silverado Extreme 4-Wheel Full Suspension Electric Scooter
Merits Silverado Extreme 4-Wheel Full Suspension Electric Scooter

Introduction to All-Terrain Mobility Scooters

Over the last few years, all terrain mobility scooters have proven themselves as one of the best ways to move around town. Today, it is the chosen mode of transport for many urban commuters, both young and old. Even though many power scooters have been specifically engineered to help the elderly and those with physical handicaps move around with ease, that doesn’t mean they can’t also be used for adventure and recreational activity. After all, off road scooters are not just mobility aids for seniors, but also tough and rugged machines that are environmentally friendly and allow for lots of fun, excitement and adventure. This makes them perfect for when you’re ready to let loose and enjoy the great outdoors..

Afikim produces off road scooters that are very strong and useful. In fact, they are one of the top producers on the market, and have been around for almost three decades. They know how to not only make an off road scooter that looks nice to ride around in, but one that will stay steady, last you for a long time, and meet every safety demand that you could conceivably be worried about. That’s a great advantage to 2-seat scooters, where you want as much extra strength and stability you can possibly get. Because you have a different lay of weight distribution, and an added amount of weight on the scooter, having one that is stable will be your top concern.

The 3-wheeled Afikim Afiscooter S offers top-notch safety and performance features which are ‘tested’ outdoors on a variety of terrains. That means they are already tested on smooth sidewalks, grassy areas, and even loose gravel. These tests ensure that no matter where you plan on taking the Afiscooter S, you’ll have the full knowledge that it has already been tested out on those terrains. In fact, the Afikim line of scooters are some of the most durable and secure on the market! The Afiscooter S is no different.

These safety and performance features include but aren’t limited to a top speed of nearly 10 mph, a 56” turning radius, at least 5 inches of ground clearance, a 28-mile maximum travel range and the ability to withstand up to 450 lbs. That means you’ll be able to travel wherever you want on just a single charge. The larger turning radius means that it’s not great for super tight turns and needs a little extra clearance, but it’s one of the only ‘downsides’ that this off road scooter offers. Practice taking the scooter for a few turns around the house before taking it out on the town and you’ll be in fine shape.


  • 1400W Engine Power
  • wide seat
  • comfortable suspension
  • Red-Dot-Design Award


  • BRAND: Afikim
  • POWER: 1400W
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 450 lbs
  • RANGE:28 Miles


  • Range and speed
  • Frame designed to take punishment off road
  • Free rear locker
  • captains seat for a relaxing ride
  • Bulky look
  • Large expense
  • Not suitable for indoors

Another sturdy, reliable, “bench” style seat with space for two, the Afiscooter SE with 2-Seat Option is a superb choice for buyers who are shopping for an off road scooter that accommodates two passengers at the same time. This scooter has a super powerful 1300-Watt motor and a weight capacity of 550 lbs, so rest assured it can deal with all the stress two people put on the scooter. The seat here is 33” wide, just like the Afiscooter S Series. Unlike the S Series which is more like two captain seats fused together, this seat is a single large bench. You can also purchase an extra single seat to instantly turn your scooter into a one seater. This can be helpful if you’re having a hard time adjusting to the weight distribution of a two seater, as it can take a bit of getting used to.

With 75 Ah batteries, this retro looking beauty can travel for up to 15 miles on a full charge. The frame of this off road scooter is built with quality but also luxury in mind – note the full rear and front suspension. The SE scooter comes with a big storage basket at the rear, with an option for an even stronger open rear storage box that can take higher loads and looks super sharp. See figure 1 and figure 2 for the difference between the two. To see more 3-Wheel Scooters, check this guide out!

The maximum speed on the SE is 7.5 mph and the weight capacity is 550 lbs, giving you an average of 225 lbs per passenger. As well as these impressive specs, this unit is designed with a unique look borrowed from the motorcycle industry that is sure to catch everyone’s attention and make a powerful statement. It is great for use on paved roads, and inside of gated communities but also at resorts, golf courses, and on trails.


  • simple controls
  • 3 wheel model available
  • high ground clearance
  • solid large rear basket
  • big pneumatic tires for outdoor capabilities


  • BRAND: Afikim
  • POWER: 1300 W
  • RANGE: 28 Miles


  • high weight capacity
  • outdoor capable
  • simple electronic command system
  • Retro design
  • a bit expensive

The Merits Silverado Extreme is the peak of luxury and one of the best outdoor mobility scooters on the market. Not only is the Merits Brand one that you know is trustworthy, but the Silverado Extreme features some state of the line luxuries and sports a look that will have peoples heads turning as you go past. That might not seem like much, but because there is such a set stigma surrounding mobility scooters, it can be hard to get past the initial embarrassment and discomfort of being seen in one. That’s not the case with the Silverado Extreme, which is crafted to look like a luxury and puts you as one of the most stylish things on the street.

The Silverado Extreme comes with a large, super comfortable seat. This means not only are you going to look like you’re stylish, but you’re quite literally going to be riding in style, as well. This seat is so comfortable that even spending hours in the Silverado Extreme won’t cause you any discomfort or put any undue stress on your hips, legs, or back. In fact, many people say that it’s one of the single most comfortable all terrain scooters on the market!

As if that isn’t enough, the Silverado Extreme also offers a smooth ride matched by almost no other off road scooter and ultra stability due to a generously wide frame. Because of this, even the roughest of terrains will refrain from being a jostling ride. Even going off road won’t jar your back and leave you in pain later on. The Silverado Extreme rides like an absolute beauty. It’s known as being a luxury mobility scooter for a reason! This is uncommon when it comes to most all terrain mobility scooters, who prioritize safety over comfort. The Silverado Extreme gives you endless amounts of both.


  • BRAND: Merits
  • Maximum Speed: 9.6mph
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 450 lbs
  • RANGE: up to 55miles

With the FreeRider GDX All-Terrain Mobility Scooter, you do not merely get from point A to point B, you own the road the entire time. The mentality of this off road scooter is to be more than simply average and with the capacity to safely and stably carry up to 500 lbs., it certainly has met its mark.

The FreeRider GDX All-Terrain Mobility Scooter offers substantial features that make it far beyond just an average scooter with an enhanced coil suspension system that is not just front and rear enabled. Each, individual tire maintains its own, independent suspension system giving you the power to go where you need to and have a smooth ride on any surface.

The FreeRider GDX All-Terrain Mobility Scooter offers an enhanced lighting package with turn signals and bright headlights, so the setting sun will no longer worry you. This machine also offers 4 – 13” all-terrain pneumatic tires, so you can go where you want without compromising anything simply due to rough terrain.

When you have the FreeRider GDX All-Terrain Mobility Scooter as your companion, you never have to worry about mobility concerns again. This powerful machine has been enhanced to provide up to 55 miles of fun and excitement with each full charge, so when other mobility scooters stop, this one simply keeps on going. The FreeRider GDX All-Terrain Mobility Scooter is the ideal mobility scooter for those not looking to slow down simply because they have personal mobility limits.


  • Independent Coil Suspension Systems on Each Tire
  • Angle Adjustable Delta Tiller
  • Easily Accessible USB Charging Ports
  • 29” Width
  • Onboard Headlight System


  • BRAND: FreeRider
  • POWER: MK 110 ah Battery
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 500 lbs
  • RANGE: 55 Miles


  • Swivel Sliding, Adjustable Captain’s Chair
  • 13” All-Terrain Pneumatic Tires
  • 9.6 mph Top Speed
  • 8A Off Board Charger
  • Limited Color Choices

The choice of what to use for enhanced mobility can be a challenging choice, but if what you are looking for is overall stability and a remarkable design, the FreeRider FR Superior Edition - 1 is the choice for you. With this amazingly designed 4-wheel off road electric scooter, you will remain comfortable at all times and able to take on the world from the comfort of your ultra padded captain’s chair.

Onboard the FreeRider FR Superior Edition – 1 comes complete with 4 – 13” pneumatic tires for versatility on a variety of different terrain types and with an impressive 6.4” ground clearance, you never have to worry about the your landscape getting in the way of your fun.

Even when the sun goes down, the FreeRider FR Superior Edition – 1 remains your faithful companion. This off road mobility scooter for adults features a full lighting package complete with bright headlights, indicator reflectors, and turn signals, so nowhere is off limits for your mobility needs. Added with the FreeRider FR Superior Edition – 1’s lighting package is the intuitive steering and adjustable side mirrors, so you will always remain in control.

With some mobility devices, one of the biggest challenges is the lack of speed. You will not have that problem with the FreeRider FR Superior Edition – 1. It has been designed to reach speeds of up to 9.6 mph without hesitation and the 40 mile range is certainly something riders will enjoy.


  • LCD Digital Dashboard
  • Angle and Height Adjustable Delta Tiller
  • Front and Rear Suspension System
  • Heavy Duty Padded Armrests
  • Adjustable Ultra Padded Seat


  • BRAND: FreeRider
  • POWER: 50 AGM Battery, 79Ah Option
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 400 lbs
  • RANGE: Up to 40 Miles


  • 13” Pneumatic Tires
  • 9.6 mph Top Speed
  • 8A Off Board Charger
  • USB Ports on Tiller
  • Does Not Disassemble

Just because you have some mobility concerns does not mean you do not want to look stylish. The Pride Raptor (Black) 3-Wheel offers you the opportunity to ride anywhere you want to be in complete comfort, but maintains a stylish appearance for those not looking to settle for an average looking mobility device.

The Pride Raptor (Black) 3-Wheel is made to own the road, or pathway with a motorcycle style appearance. With its 3-Wheel configuration, the Pride Raptor (Black) 3-Wheel maintains an easy to manage format and turning radius of just 59.64”. Additionally, this 3-wheel scooter offers an enhanced lighting package, so you are not merely limited with daytime use.

Make no mistake about it, the Pride Raptor (Black) 3-Wheel is not just a pretty face. It is rated to go up to 31 miles at a speed of 14 mph, so you can get where you are going without compromise. The Pride Raptor 3-Wheel also offers an array of available color choices, including the sleek black, so you can find the right one for your individual personality.

The Pride Raptor (Black) 3-Wheel is not just your average off road scooter. It is designed to be everything you need to enhance your mobility and a fun device rated to hold up to 400 lbs. There is no limited to the amount of enjoyment you will find onboard the Pride Raptor (Black) 3 Wheel.


  • Reclining Seat
  • 16” Pneumatic Tires
  • Dual Braking System
  • Front and Rear Suspension System
  • Anti-Tip Technology


  • BRAND: Pride Mobility
  • POWER: 24 V DC Motor
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 400 lbs
  • RANGE: Up to 31 Miles
  • TURNING RADIUS: 59.64"


  • Rear View Mirrors
  • 6 Degree Max Slope
  • XLR USB Charger
  • Lockable Storage
  • Does Not Disassemble

Impressive design and an all-terrain format is what you get with the Pride Wrangler. This 4 wheel off road electric scooter is far more than just an assistant with your mobility, but a way to get you anywhere you need to be in supreme comfort and with maximum durability for anything you face while on the journey.

The Pride Wrangler is outfitted with 4 – high end, all-terrain tires to contend with changing pathway conditions, so going from smooth to rough terrain is never an issue. With the Pride Wrangler’s enhanced dual suspension system, everywhere is comfortable to ride, so you can find more adventure in your daily routine without compromise.

With the Pride Wrangler, nothing will slow you down, not even the setting of the sun. When the sun sets and the moon is high, the Pride Wrangler’s bright LED headlights will light the way and with rear signal and movement lighting, others can easily see you are there.

Additionally, the Pride Wrangler is able to go up to 29.4 miles on a single charge, so you can keep going long after other mobility scooters need to charge. Your days can be unpredictable and when your normal routine changes, you need to be ready for anything. The Pride Wrangler helps you contend with the road ahead and anything that might be in your path. No need to slow down the pace when you have the Pride Wrangler as your all terrain mobility scooter.


  • Reclining Seat
  • Onboard Secure Storage
  • CTS Suspension System
  • LED Console Display
  • Rear Bumper


  • BRAND: Pride Mobility
  • POWER: 24V DC Motor
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 350 lbs
  • RANGE: Up to 29.4 Miles
  • TURNING RADIUS: 94.75"


  • 14” Tubeless Pneumatic Tires
  • 11.4 mph Max Speed
  • Pillow Top Seating
  • 10 Degree Max Slope Rating
  • 274 lbs. Without Batteries

The search for the right off road scooter can take you to many avenues, but if you find the standard mobility scooter to be a little boring for your taste, try out the EV Rider Vits Monster S12X Mobility Scooter. This 4 wheel off road electric scooter for adults is designed to leave boring style way behind and you are going to love its rough and rugged exterior.

Often, mobility scooters are limited to indoor use or only on smooth surfaces, but the EV Rider Vits Monster S12X Mobility Scooter is designed to take you anywhere you want to be with 15” all terrain tires pounding through any type of obstacle with ease. Additionally, the optimal maneuverability of the 3 wheel configuration of the EV Rider Vits Monster S12X Mobility Scooter makes it easy to manage in even tight spaces. With an enhanced front and rear suspension system, nothing is off limits for the EV Rider Vits Monster S12X Mobility Scooter.

The heavy duty EV Rider Vits Monster S12X Mobility Scooter is a dream off road scooter for those who do not let life or a lack of mobility slow them down, but it also manages to be an easy to use design with an ergonomically designed handlebar and full LCD dash components. You can easily keep track of everything you need to know about the mobility scooter from your comfortable captain’s chair onboard the EV Rider Vits Monster S12X Mobility Scooter.


  • D Type Handle Tiller
  • Anti-Tip Wheels
  • Full Suspension System
  • All-Terrain Wheels
  • Adjustable Seat


  • BRAND: EV Rider
  • POWER: 2 - 12V 80 Ah
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 350 lbs
  • RANGE: 28 Miles


  • 8 to 10 Hour Charging Time
  • 11 mph Top Speed
  • S Drive 200 Amp Controller
  • 10 Degree Climbing Angle
  • 330 lbs

Take your mobility freedom back once more with the EW-14 Four Wheeled Recreational Mobility Scooter. This off road scooter offers advanced features to get you where you want to be on a unique, fun and exciting design. The EW-14 Four Wheeled Recreational Mobility Scooter lets every outing, whether for pleasure or an everyday errand, be an enjoyable experience.

With the EW-14 Four Wheeled Recreational Mobility Scooter, you can keep going long after the sun goes down with a full lighting package including front headlights, reflectors, and turning signals. Additionally, you can move at a speed of up to 15 mph for 40 miles on a single charge, so time and speed are both on your side with this impressive machine.

Stability can be concerning when it comes to mobility needs, but with the EW-14 Four Wheeled Recreational Mobility Scooter supporting you, you never have to worry about feeling unstable. 4 – 15” tires maintain a balanced and safe ride the whole time no matter your speed, so you can feel secure while riding the EW-14 Four Wheeled Recreational Mobility Scooter at all time.

The EW-14 Four Wheeled Recreational Mobility Scooter is also enabled with onboard storage and USB charging capabilities so you never have to worry about your devices running down or having a place to store your valuables. All storage areas onboard the EW-14 Four Wheeled Recreational Mobility Scooter lock for security and convenience.


  • 3 Speed Settings
  • Full Lighting Package
  • Battery Indicator Gage
  • Keyless Power Key FOB
  • Heavy Duty Shock System


  • BRAND: EWheels
  • POWER: 400 W Trans Axel Motor
  • WEIGHT CAPACITY: 350 lbs
  • RANGE: Up to 40 Miles


  • 15” Tires
  • Onboard Storage
  • 12 Degree Incline Rating
  • Front and Rear Drum Brake System
  • 250 lbs. Total Weight

At Scooters ’N Chairs, we offer a diverse selection of all-terrain scooters – built and designed to go over rugged terrain and durable enough for everyday outdoor use. The large and high-grip wheels along with desirably high ground clearance means they can easily be traversed over all kinds of terrain. The suspension systems alone have been built to provide the smoothest and most comfortable ride, no matter how rough or uneven the terrain may be.

Off road scooters are best used outdoors, as they do not feature the lightweight compactness and portability of less powerful indoor scooters. If you’re looking to go the distance when embarking on outdoor adventures, you can easily load up your off-road scooter on a vehicle lift and store it in the back of a large van or car.

With top-quality household brands like Drive Medical, E-Wheels, Afikim and Golden Technologies, you have plenty of high-powered off-road rides to choose from.

Off Road Scooters are not just for the Elderly or Physically Impaired

Even though our entire mobility scooter lineup is appropriate for seniors or those with physical limitations – our range of all-terrain mobility scooters are best suited to those who are looking for the fastest ride possible, do a lot of leisure traveling and enjoy outdoor trekking on 4-wheels (or 3-wheels). Our recreational scooters boast the more power, performance and durability than the average power scooter. That makes it appropriate, not just for seniors, but users of all ages, interests, and needs.

Never Heard of a Recreational Off Road Scooter before?

Recreational scooters are meant to serve as a fun and stylish way of enjoying off roading and trail riding, rather than serving as a mobility aid. They are typically a lot faster, larger, heavier and just plain fun to ride around on. They offer practically the same excitement as a dirt bike, but in 3-wheel and 4-wheel configurations.

If leisure or recreational riding is your thing, then our off road scooters with their high performance, advanced suspensions and exceptional battery capacity are just the ticket. One look at our collection, and you’ll immediately know why folks of all age groups love picking up all-terrain scooters to get their kicks and thrills outdoors.

2-person mobility scooter

Fast and a lot of fun to drive, off road scooters are ideal for all ages, whether you’re a college student, a thrill-seeking adult or a senior who loves staying active. It doesn’t matter whether you want to drive around at the beach, over farm lands, community centers or college campuses, they are indeed a stylish way to move around.

If joyriding is your thing, then our recreational scooters will help you break the mold. Hang out with a bunch of friends at the mall, walk your dog as you turn heads and get compliments or simply go joyriding around town. These power scooters offer so many possibilities that time and energy end up being the only limiting factor.

Designed for a pleasurable and fun ride, our off road scooters feature impressive travel ranges and top speeds that are higher than most 3-wheel and 4-wheel scooters. A word to the wise though! If this is your first time riding a recreational scooter, then it’s probably best to take it slow, as they are very responsive and accelerate faster than most ‘everyday mobility scooters’.

All-terrain recreational scooters are best if you’re looking for the following:

  •         A fair amount of outdoor use, particularly over rough terrain
  •         More powerful motor for higher acceleration and top speed
  •         Significantly longer travel distances which may be ideal for long road trips or highway use
  •         Super fun to drive while also being easy to operate
  •         Can be transported with a vehicle lift and be taken with you
  •         Exceptional suspension design for the best comfort over uneven terrain
  •         Ultra-long battery life

Questions to Ask Yourself before Buying an All Terrain Mobility Scooter

We offer an expansive range of off-road scooters for your outdoor riding pleasure. At first glance, you may find the sheer number of choices overwhelming, which is why it pays to ask yourself a few simple questions:

Where am I going to use the all-terrain mobility scooter?

This may sound counter-intuitive at first because recreational and all-terrain scooters are built for outdoor use, right?

Even though the majority of our recreational scooters are indeed powerful 4-wheelers that are ideal for outdoor use, some may be suitable for indoor use as well, so long as your travel space isn’t too confined. A good example in this case would be the Patriot 4-wheel Scooter by Golden Technologies with its 8 mph top speed, 18 mile travel range and infinitely adjustable tiller.

However, if you feel that you’ll be doing a fair amount of traveling indoors and within confined or narrow spaces, then you’re better off browsing through our 3-wheeler and 4-wheeler lineup, because our recreational lineup specifically caters to those looking for thrill, excitement and adventure outdoors.

Do I need to take my all terrain mobility scooter with me while traveling?

Answer this question and you can narrow it down to a select few models that will best fit your needs. The majority of off road scooters are rather heavy, weighing anywhere between 300-500 lbs and require a specialized vehicle lift to help you load them up in the back of a van, truck or other large vehicle.

However, there are other smaller and also less powerful (and less exciting) models that weigh just over 200 lbs, which can be lifted and loaded into the back of a vehicle with the help of an additional pair of hands.

With that said, if you’ll be using your all terrain mobility scooter only to get around, no matter what the distance, then you’d want to get the best of the best – something which boasts style, performance and range such as the E-Wheels 38 Off Road Scooter with its 15 mph top speed and 38 mile travel distance or the Drive Medical Cobra GT4 with its 10 mph top speed, but a very impressive 82” turning radius, 35 mile travel range and maximum weight-bearing capacity of 450 lbs.

How far will I need to travel at a time?

The longer distances you need to cover at a time, the longer battery life you will require. With our best outdoor mobility scooters, this is never an issue – we have models that are capable of traveling over 35 miles at a stretch, and we also offer models that can travel up to 50 miles on a single battery charge.

Take into consideration how much riding you want to do without having to stop for a battery charge, then take your pick.

Are they for off-road driving only or rural driving too?

Let’s set the record straight – off road scooters are a fantastic choice for all tarmac and non-tarmac surfaces. They have the ability to handle just as well on uneven surfaces as they do on sidewalks and public roads.

However, if you’re looking for something extra rugged and durable that will take you over practically any surface, including hills, dirt and rocky trails, loose beaches, gravel, and grass – you should go with the EV Rider Vita Monster S12X Power Scooter. This is a mini-monstrosity of a scooter and with its large, elevated-tread wheels it can relentlessly conquer any outdoor terrain.

At the end of the day, if off roading is the main goal, then you may have to sacrifice a little bit of speed for the heavier, higher-torque models with tires that have been purposefully built for off roading - such as the one above. If you need acceleration and top speed while moving with great finesse and ease over a variety of surfaces, not just dirt, grass or gravel, then the faster models with 15 mph top speeds are appropriate.

For your convenience, each model has a detailed spec-sheet which will help you decide if it fits the bill, as far as outdoor pleasure riding goes.

Can I make do with 3 wheels or are 4 wheels the way to go?

A very valid question indeed. 3-wheelers are known for their highly impressive turning radiuses, but when it comes to stability, nothing trumps a 4-wheeled All Terrain Mobility Scooter.

On the other hand, if you’re a tall individual then you might might prefer 3 wheels as it will allow you to comfortably rest your legs on either side of the tiller. Furthermore, 3-wheelers also have a lighter “heaviest part”, which may make it easier to carry them around while you’re traveling.

Weigh in your circumstances, and then decide which wheel configuration is best for you. With that said, the stability and sturdiness required on off-road surfaces while traveling at high speeds is best served by 4-wheels.

The 4 Best All-Terrain Mobility Scooters To Buy In 2022


Best All-Terrain Mobility Scooter Overall

Best Value All-Terrain Mobility Scooter Overall
Best Luxury All-Terrain Mobility Scooter Best Looks All-Terrain Mobility Scooter 

Afikim: Afiscooter S-3



EWheels: EW-46



Merits: Silverado Extreme



Afikim: Afiscooter SE



AfiScooter S3 Recreational Off Road Scooter

EW-46 All Terrain Mobility Scooter

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